Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Beauty Bitch: Beware of FAKE ETUDE HOUSE PRODUCTS

"SG" I'm pretty sure Etude House is a KOREAN BRAND

Ugh!!! People these days disgust me especially those who sell fake products! For those who know me oh so well know about my love for Korean/ Asian brand cosmetics. Although I own and patronize certain western cosmetics brands too, Asian cosmetics suit my skin better in terms of getting the right pale-yellowy shade that I have.

Korean cosmetics brands like Etude House, Natures Republic, The Face Shop, Missha, Lioele  and Tony Moly have landed on local shores and have been widely embraced by the Pinay consumers for several years now. I guess we can also give props to the fact that K-pop is quite popular in our country. Teens can't help but try and emulate the pretty girls in K-Pop groups and I honestly can't blame them! From clothes to their makeup, people want to be like their K-pop idols or are interested in the Eoljjang/Ulzzang trend.

Bom Park is mai waifu... STFU... :))

What is Ulzzang? It's a popular South Korean word which means "good-looking" or "best face". And of course to get this "best face" look people turn to makeup. I for one am quite thankful for the trend of Korean cosmetics in the country. From BB creams to cream liners most readily available Korean makeup brands in the local market are quite affordable and of good quality that even a non-working college student like me can  afford on our meager allowance.

But of course, as we all know, once a good product goes out into the market or gets alot of hype and attention there's bound to be people who take advantage of the hype and create fake products just so they can also try to milk the cash cow. Behold! Fake Etude House products have now landed on our local shores. Some of you might say, "So? You know how people are when they can't afford something!" Well that's just it :/ Some of these people are selling it at prices that are practically the same price as the real deal! Behold! Case and point one:

Oh wow! Really? With receipt and paper bag? How authentic *eyeroll*
Just look at these prices! :/ EH's ORIGINAL Baby Skin FOUNDATION (NOT BB Cream!) is only around 348 pesos and DOES NOT Look like the item this person is selling!

The So Called Etude House Baby Skin BB Cream

The REAL Baby Skin Foundation from Etude House

Seriously!!! I just laugh my ass off at the fact that this person is selling that product at a price that's much more expensive than the real thing! Let's not forget the original paper bag and a reciept *quivers in my boots* ooohhh... so authentic!!! It's nice that this seller is trying to be environmentally friendly and trying to recycle and all but it doesn't absolve the FRAUDULENT ITEMS, now does it? What about the other laughably fake products?

I never KNEW the LUCIDARLING line had a face pact!!!
Doesn't it remind you of fake SMASHBOX pacts?

May look legit but I'll show you later WHY it isn't

Hmmm... What else to point out besides the very obvious things? Oh, maybe this product?

Upper Right hand corner, in the pink box..

"5.)Etude House Tint Fluid Liner (Black)- 500" Nope, nothing wrong here....

Wait a nosepicking second...

Isn't "Fluid Line" liners MAC?! Not Etude House?!!!! *LE GASP!!!* and for 500 pesos?! I would of invested that money in Etude House's Drawing Show Creamy Liner instead of this crap!

What's worse is the fact that even for a seller of fake products this seller's prices are off the roof compared to the ones who are selling it at dirt-cheap prices... Lo and behold, Seller #2:

Wow... Seller #1 is getting alot of cash for these fake products :/ 
And if you surf through the link you'd see that most of the products are dirt cheap compared to the original and even cheaper compared to seller #1's items XD
Now on to WHY the Total age pact is obviously a fake...

80 pesos.... *looks at seller #1's price*

And even ebay (who has a policy against selling fakes) isn't immune to these fraudulent products! Behold!

Looking at this seller's prices for the fake items just makes me laugh, unlike seller #1 who's prices are so absurd, our last seller has prices that are reasonably low (I guess even people who sell fake products need to make a buck out of their "hard work"... Lying is hard work after all)

Hmmm... Almost all the same items with one or two that aren't present on seller #1's list.

I think it's pretty safe to say that fake EH products can be instantly identified by the knowing Etude House product consumer at a glance or two. I'm just disgusted by the fact that these people are duping others into buying these products. Seller #1 should be sorely ashamed of the fact that they're trying to pass it off as originals using EH paper bags =_= Seriously folks? You can find good, honest work in selling authentic cosmetics instead of these fakes. Simply said I wish that Etude House would not find offense in what's happening.

But for those who are unsure if the product you're buying is authentic or not (because I feel that eventually these dupe makers will try to get as close as they can appearance-wise on the packaging) it's best to buy them from THE ACTUAL PHYSICAL STORES.

Please check out the OFFICIAL sites for Etude House in the Philippines:

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  1. D: Have you seen Skin Food "SG" Cosmetics too? I was appalled when I saw them being sold in the market! >:|

    1. I've seen those... :/ some even have the gall to call them authentic too DX

    2. DX I asked the seller: WHY is it called SG authentic when Skin Food is a korean brand...?

      She answered me "because it's manufactured in SG but the materials come from Korea." It sounds like the same story as with Mac SG, Maxfactor SG and lots lots more @A@

    3. But isn't that sorta what they always say? that they're just manufactured in SG but the ingredients originated from Korea? Or worse "All products really come from SG and are just repackaged." "These are factory overruns from SG" etc. etc.