Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Beauty Bitch: The truth about hairchalking

I'm actually pretty hesitant in writing this blog entry because I know I'll be facing alot of flak for writing it but I honestly don't really mind facing the people/ seller who'd say that I ruined their businesses via this blog entry. I'd rather tell the truth than tell a lie like what they're doing...

Fashion Angel's hair chox

I first encountered the hairchalking trend via my friend Kat who mentioned it once to me before while we were talking about girly-girl things. So I began to do some research as well as some ebay searches to see what the hype was all about. I encountered both Fashion Angel's Hair Chox and Monster High's version of said product. So I thought, oh how! How interesting <3

Monster High's Freaky Fab hair FX
I like how these products actually have a handle in which the said "hair chox" wouldn't stain your fingers and the fact that they're SHAPED FOR HAIR USE, with those grooves and the cylindrical shape, add the fact that the said product is pretty large I wouldn't hesitate paying for said product if I had the money to burn for it. But since I am just a college student and a resourceful one at that, I decided to search the web for more info and alternatives to the products. To my surprise I found out that some people say that these products are basically the same as the soft pastels/ chalk pastels I use as an art enthusiast! Score! I could buy one of those cheap ones locally available and go crazy. The cheapest 12 piece product goes for around 150- 168 pesos (roughly around 2-4 dollars). Which I found a steal, after all, I would never use my Rembrandt brand ones for something as paltry as hairchalking.

168 pesos for a set of 12 "hairchalks" aka soft pastels

But of course with every successful trend there will always be people who would take advantage of said trend and try to dupe people into purchasing similar products, with similar effects but with over the top prices, for products they payed a paltry sum for. Case and point is this...

Wait a nosepicking second... HOW MUCH?!!!
70 pesos (roughly 2 dollars) for a single stick? Are you kidding me? :/ I'd add a bit more and I can buy a set of twelve at that price. And apparently it was "On sale" :/ because it use to be around 100 pesos.. The price they put it up for is almost as expensive as a SINGLE STICK OF PROFESSIONAL QUALITY/BRAND SOFT PASTEL like Rembrandt brand soft pastels, but let's face it! They're selling the cheap stuff for top buck and are robbing the less-informed masses blind!

I'm all for making money and working hard to make a living but cheating people out of their well earned cash for these so-called "hairchalk" their selling? Don't give me that BS that it's "High grade" or "Salon Grade" hair chalk. I know what Soft Pastels/ Chalk pastels look like, hell! ANY ART STUDENT, ART ENTHUSIAST, BJD FACEUP ARTIST etc. etc. can tell you that the items they are selling IS IN FACT SOFT PASTELS/ CHALK PASTELS!

Maybe you'll ask me, "Maybe they just look the same? Maybe chalk pastels don't even work on hair and you're just being a bitch about people making more money than you??!!!"

Pfffttt... I bought the CHEAPEST 12 piece soft pastel set just to prove that it's basically the same thing and it has the same result.. BEHOLD!

Green chalk pastel used on my hair + the light brown one
It has the same effect as these so called "hairchalk" that these people are selling at hocked-up prices!

So if you're one of those people who've "pre-ordered" or "purchased" these so called "hairchalk" please spread the word and inform people so that they in turn would not be scammed by these so called "hard working people". And for more information on hair chalking please visit these links:

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