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Senbazuru Shop and Fantasy Sheep Wigs Review

Senbazuru shop's logo is a stylized paper crane :D

Lemme start of by saying that this is a review of a wig I had won in the Senbazuru Shop's first contest. And to be completely honest I didn't really think i would've won the contest itself because it involved "like" votes in the percentage of the scoring... This isn't a paid review or a required review but rather a review that I just felt like doing, so let's begin...

A little background on Senbazuru shop, Senbazuru means "A thousand paper cranes" and for the Japanophile who knows about the lore behind it would know that once you fold a thousand paper cranes they are said to grant your wishes. The shop is established by the lovely miss Francine as her way of sharing her love for Japanese culture and cosplay. Their prices are given with a very small profit (trust me, I've compared with other shops!) and I might add that it's refreshing to see that they've always been pro-cosplayers in terms of budget and pricing. The shop is also assisted by miss Monique who is also a darling when it comes to customer service and wig suggestions :B

Le announcement of le winners :))

To be completely honest I was blown away by the fact that I won XD I do remember that winning the contest entitled me to a discount for the whole year, freebies, a free wig worth 2000 pesos, being able to rent out their wigs and becoming something of a "spokesmodel" of sorts, providing photos of their wigs when worn.
Le Package shipped via Xend :B

I received this package around late July after a 4-week wait which to be completely and utterly honest, is quick. I had no upcoming cosplay cons to attend and I've yet to get my costume for this particular wig.
Fresh out of the plastic bag
So after I opened up the Xend shipping bag I was surprised with what I saw inside the bag. Besides my Zexion wig from Fantasy Sheep miss Francine was kind enough to send me a sweet treat as my freebie, which I thought at first was exclusively given to me. But to my delight and surprise most of those who've purchased from the shop received one too!

All of the things inside the bag plus the Meiji Choco Baby freebie and wigcap :B

I've always appreciated sellers who take the time to personalize their packages and send cute messages or even calling cards, Senbazuru shop rises to the occasion and is true to their theme. They sent me a note with my name on it (to make sure I got the right package me thinks) and a paper crane with a short message!

And to consider that miss Francine wasn't feeling too well when she packed the wigs up and yet take the time to make the paper cranes and write messages? <3 Officially a super sweetheart in my books!

Although Choco Baby makes me itch for some reason
I still appreciated this freebie (my younger cousin loved it XD)
On to the actual wig review. First off, Fantasy Sheep is one of the leading wig brands when it comes to cosplay and wig styles that are rare to find. I was introduced to the brand about 3 years ago and whenever I have the opportunity to save up and buy one from the brand I've never hesitated in doing so because of one word, QUALITY.

Blue wig, Brown netting. O_o odd but it actually works!
Oh! And no tag @_@
The wig itself is a definable blue wig mixed with a few dirty blonde and darker blue fibers, not a sold blue which I found stunning since it gave the wig a bit more depth and personality instead of it being just another flat-blue wig. I commend FS for trying something new and actually making it work!

The Plastic tag :B 
Let's start out with the tag, Besides the plastic tag that was attached to this wig (pic below) Fantasy Sheep doesn't attach a brand tag inside unlike CosplayWig or Lucaille brand wigs, Which I found odd, but considering that most FS brand wigs are identifiable via their fibers I wasn't surprised. The wig company boasts that they have the best heat-resistant wig fibers in the business and TBH they might just be! I use both my ceramic plated and iron plated hair irons on my fantasy sheep wigs and they've never melted or burned on me yet even in the prolonged exposure to the heat and repeated strokes with the iron just to get the style I want.

"Best Heat Resisting Fiber wig" IT IS SO FRUCKING TRUE!

After lightly shaking and plunking it on to my wig dummy
O_o wait a nosepicking second

So after staring at the wig for a few seconds I realized FS made a grave mistake with the wig... ZEXION'S FRINGE IS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HIS FACE, NOT THE LEFT D;

So after a few minutes of panicking and rolling around on the floor I decided to try and move the fringe to the other side via my mediocre wig styling skillz! :)) Sorry for the crappy progress photos XD

In the process of moving the fringe to the other side ;A;
So after moving it to the other side, hot ironing it using my hair iron and barraging it with hairspray. lemme show you the end result...

Excuse my horrible eyebags DX I just ran out of concealer when I took these photos

I still plan on permanently setting the style with glue and giving it a good spiking effect similar to the look he has via his in-game models but I'll get to that in due time... On to the breakdown!

Fantasy Sheep wigs:

Quality: 5/5- They have yet to fail me in terms of quality and uniqueness. Besides being super-heat resistant they also have pretty good and near-accurate character specific wigs. A bit pricey but their wigs are worth every cent you put into buying them.
Packaging: 5/5- Very strong packaging and the cardboard supports they put around the wig when packed ensures that they come home in a non-squished and messed up manner.
Uniqueness: 5/5- Makes unique and original styled wigs as well as near accurate character wigs <3 super love!
Price: 4.5/5- A bit pricey but I duly believe that it's worth EVERY CENT! 
Overall: 4.5/5- I absolutely love this wig brand and I'll keep being a loyal buyer from them.

Will you be buying an Fantasy Sheep brand wig again? ABSOLUTELY! 

Senbazuru Shop:

Communication: 5/5- Quick to respond and always courteous! Miss Francine and Monique know what they're dealing with (very knowledgeable when it comes to brand quality, which style looks closer to the character, etc. etc.) and will always give you alternatives if a specific brand you like is unavailable or too expensive for your cosplan budget. 

Handling: 5/5- Meticulously handled and lovingly packed. Plus brownie points in my book for personalized paper cranes and notes to the customers :B

Pricing: 5/5- Customer/Cosplayer friendly is the name of the game and Senbazuru Shop has yet to fail me in terms of their pricing. They don't Over Price unlike most shops (don't get me started!). I especially appreciate that they don't OP on their L-Email wigs! I'll definitely be buying alot from them soon. Oh! Lest I forget they also do offer discounts for return buyers XB

Overall: 5/5- Run by cosplayers for cosplayers described this shop best. From their wide brand selection (you can also inquire on taobao wigs that are not on their albums) to their helpful wig suggestions.They know what cosplayers need and they're ready to provide and serve their customers to the best of their abilities. Here's to more successful business for the shop! Cheers!

Will you be buying from Senbazuru Shop again? YES! YOU CAN COUNT ON IT!!!

Smug Caz is Smug B)

You can visit Senbazuru Shop and Miss Monique's informative Wig Finding service here:

With Love and Bloody Kisses,

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