Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Princess Mimi Geo Bambi Green Apple Review

Hi there folks! :B It's been a while since I've posted a review or anything about myself on this blog so I'll just mosey along and get on with the show...

I first heard of the Tsubasa Masuwaka designed lenses from my friends a few months back and they were absolutely GAGA over them. For those who don't know who Tsubasa is she's actually a pretty well known Gyaru model in Japan, although I am not a huge fan of Gyaru Fashion and the lifestyle I cannot deny the fact that I like their makeup style and certain nuances of their style. I also have a small girl-crush on Nonoka Iwata and Wakatsuki Chinatsu *blush blush*

So back to the lenses X_x

I bought a pair of them over at :B I won't bother reviewing the shop since I've already done it twice (even if they don't really pay attention to small-time bloggers like me). :)) Plus I do these reviews just for the fun of it I guess.

moving on...

The lenses in their box :D

Princess Mimi labels :D

without the outer box they have another boxy thingy holding them :D
The packaging is pretty good and I'm pretty surprised to get them in this condition since I'm not use to receiving lenses in boxes (other geo and even I.fairy doesn't have boxes) their labels and their bottles are also pretty impressive since they were compact and tightly sealed.

The lenses after I've soaked them for 6 hours and subjected them to deep cleaning :B
Trying to be creative shot... XDDD
The container they came with is the standard semi-see-thru container most of the lens suppliers I bought from provided lately. And because of this nature I can show you how they look with either a white background (a white board surface) and a dark-colored (in this case an opaque black table)

On the black table 
On a white board surface.
On top:  I.Fairy Dolly+ Green
Bottom: Princess Mimi Green

Comparing it to another green lens that they said had alot of promise of having bright colors, The I.Fairy Dolly+ Green is like comparing apples and oranges coz honestly the Princess Mimi lenses had alot of advantages. 1) it has a thicker limbal ring and a nice golden flecked center. 2) Princess Mimi lenses enlarge your eyes more than the Dolly+ ones do 3) By sheer size the Princess Mimi ones are bigger 4) The Princess Mimi ones give me more pay-off than the Dolly + ones :/ sadly...

Stocking Cosplay trial + my Green Apple lenses in indoor lighting.
They're much more vibrant in outdoor or direct light tbh but still very much stunning

Princess Mimi Geo Bambi Green Apple:

Quality: 5/5- Absolutely wonderful and suuuper pretty I think I'll be buying the grey ones too.
Packaging: 5/5- Lovely packaging and much more professional looking than most lens brands that just sell them in their vials.
Uniqueness: 4.5/5- If asked why I only gave it a 4.5 out of 5 it's because there's already a large market of lenses from different companies that produce similar patterned lenses with even more colors than the green, brown and grey that they offer. 
Price: 4/5- 500 per lens is pretty ok and with shipping included it's a pretty fair price but I still hoped that I could of gotten a freebie or something since I've been a return customer of theirs for quite some time now.
Comfort: 5/5-  The most comfy Geo lenses that I own up to date. I don't usually like Geo Lenses but this has renewed my faith in the company.
Overall: 4.5/5- I absolutely love these lenses and hope to get more of them soon.

Will you be buying a Princess Mimi Lens again? ABSOLUTELY!

Bloody Kisses and Love,

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