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Geo Hurricane Grey Review

Warning and Disclaimer: IMAGE HEAVY POST! This is sponsored review by Dull to Doll and I submit all rights for them to use this blog entry in any matter they see fit.

Whew... Super late review is super late. I've had a spot of trouble as of late, personally and emotionally hence the extreme delay of this review. BUT this will be one of my in-depth review (same as L-email) and hopefully you'd still be able to read the whole post even at its length.

So lemme begin with how I received this sponsorship. I do believe it was around February 20, Dull to Doll sent me a private message on my personal Facebook page asking if I ran a blog. I honestly answered them saying I do but I barely do post on it (since blogger can be an ass-butt when it came to photos and I usually have bouts with my ADD when writing blog posts). They still wanted to sponsor me with a pair of lenses. What I appreciated about Dull to Doll is that they actually took the time to ask what colors I was comfortable with and what were my eye grades, they advised that I try Geo's Hurricane Grey. Come around the last week of March I received my package from Dull to Doll (unexpectedly since I wasn't given a TN or day to expect them on :B I love surprises!)...
The awesome unexpected package from Dull to Doll

Just a lil info on Geo Medical's lenses Hurricane Grey (HC105) before I begin, it has a 14.0mm diameter (but with a 15mm to 16mm effect based on my personal experience) with the lifespan of 6 months to 1 year depending on how you take care of your lenses. And now... this is where our review really begins XD
Paper bag and note from Miss Val 8D

I received the package through XEND and was surprised to find that the item was lovingly packed in a paper bag with a note. As you can see in the photo it even has a pretty ribbon :). I'll share with you what the note says.

This is plus points on Dull to Doll's side because I LOVE it when sellers send custom notes to their customers, it adds that human touch to everything and I love collecting them :B Also, The note carries a very important message that EVERY lens user and first time lens owner should know, THAT YOU SHOULD SOAK YOUR LENSES IN NEW SOLUTION FOR 6 HOURS AND NOT USE THE SOLUTION IN THE BOTTLES. This is important so that you soak them in new solution because the solution that the lenses come in are for storage (they contain certain chemicals that are for the preservation of the lenses and prolong shelf-life). Your eyes will be irritated or worse if you use them right out of the packaging. It's best to soak them in fresh solution of your choice for 6 straight hours before use so that the lenses can absorb the new solution and expel the storage solution :)

After I opened the paper bag I was expecting the lenses to be covered in plain-old bubble wrap but instead I was surprised once again by ms. Val and how she's concern about her customer's happiness.

Is that a tiny round box? 8D
YES! It's a tiny round box that contains a bit of foam and my new lenses! As well as a new lens case! SWEET!!!!

So after using Geo medical's authenticity checking stickers and inputting the code into their webpage I was pretty sure that I was using authentic Geo lenses and that my eyes were safe. :) Just a tip, NEVER buy fake Geo lenses or cosmetics, you're just asking for trouble XD
I opened up the vials and up the lenses into their new lens case along with some new solution. I took the liberty of photographing them on a colored background and a white surface (in this case my doodle whiteboard XD)

Even on a colored background the grey sticks out 8D

On a white surface the "hurricane"/ swirly pattern is much more obvious

So after soaking them in new solution for six hours I decided to take an extra step in making the lenses a bit more comfy for me so i decided to soak them in AOsept deep cleansing solution, an item I'll be doing a review of soon. :B I've had slight bouts of irritation with GEO lenses before and I wasn't taking any chances with the new ones so I decided to "deep clean" them for 4 hours to at least give them a bit more time to "breathe" so to speak :))

The "Cage" and case for the lenses :B

The solution... that you should never put on your eyes >_< OUCH!

So after another 4 hours of soaking in the solution I was ready to try them on! But first, MAKEUP TIEM!!!!

I look bald without a wig... 

Hahaha XD Sorry for the shockingly ugly wasted photo, but this is before I put on my red wig. Anyways, this is what it looks like indoors with a fluorescent light as the main light source and without a wig. I chose to use bright colors to offset the grey and make it pop out a bit more ;)

Indoor lighting for the photo, no photoshop

Indoors with flash, still no shoop!

>_< I haven't been able to take a photo of the lenses outdoors but I'll update this review once I do. But over-all it's one of the most beautiful and striking grey lenses that I own. They have that wow factor without looking too garish and fake. I'll be using them for my Bayonetta cosplay for sure!


Geo Lenses:

Quality: 5/5- Absolutely wonderful and unique. I'm still a loyal I.Fairy user but at least now I know Geo's stuff is getting better.
Packaging: 5/5- Good packaging and I really appreciate the authenticity stickers. Best way to weed out fakes 
Price: 4.5/5- They use to cost an arm and a leg a couple of years ago but seeing as how they're become relatively cheaper as of late. Yeah, I'd buy them.
Overall: 4.5/5- I absolutely love this brand!!! A recommended item in my books

Will you be buying an Geo Medical lens brand again? ABSOLUTELY! 

Dull to Doll:

Communication: 5/5- Quick to respond and always courteous! They listen to what you want and make sure you're well informed about the item you're buying + 10 for the letters informing lens users to soak their lenses!

Handling: 5/5- From the custom paper bag to the choice of courier as well as the packaging Dull to Doll knows how to take care of their customer's items as well as make it look classy even if it's been man-handled via shipping. The letter was a lovely added bonus too <3 Extra brownie points for using eco-friendly packaging and the lovely box!

Pricing: 5/5- Budget friendly for any cosplayer of fashionista! They even sell relatively cheap NYX cosmetics too!!!

Overall: 5/5- This shop's pretty much captured my attention the moment they gave me that courteous PM! I've dealt with rude shops and sellers before but Dull to Doll's Miss Val is far from such!
  Miss Val is an ABSOLUTE SWEETHEART in my books <3! And I'm not just saying that because I'm sponsored :))
I'm adding Dull to Doll to my favorite shops!

Will you be reviewing from Dull to Doll again? YES! YOU CAN COUNT ON IT!!! Well, If they'll have me that is XD

You can check out Dull to Doll and their other items for sale in the following links:

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Thank you and I hope you've enjoyed my review. 

Blood Kisses and Sweet Returns,


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