Monday, March 5, 2012

Confessions of a Cosplay Hipster: Apparently I Look Like A Man... :B

When life gives you a perfect day I think the universe tries to make sure that your head doesn't get too big.

I've had a wonderful weekend (The 5th Philippine Cosplay Convention coupled with a sleepover) even if I were a bit sick with allergies, asthma and to top it off, my period :| I was extremely bloated because of my allergies that day to be honest ;A; so I admit, I wasn't in top form DX.

 My costume wasn't perfect either, what with finding out there was a  tear in one of my boots and the fact that one's circumference was smaller than the other (I'll be doing a review on that one soon), the arm warmers being short and the fact that the straps on my arm were constantly slipping down.

D: My straps were slipping down!!!

But as we they say in theater and on Broadway, "The show must go on!!!" So I trudged ahead and still went with it. We decided to rely on the straps on the boots instead of trying to zip it all the way to help it stay put since the circumference of the left one wasn't the same as the right one for some odd reason. I also tried to contour my face just to make it seem a little less bloated. Over-all I was comfortable but not 100% complacent with the end results that day. 

My makeup that day... :D 
My makeup look for that day was just as I had tried and tested over-and over from my trials and I decided to use my long black Jade wig instead of the brown one I was supposed to used just so I could really capture Alice's look. 

Most of the time people came up to me, took my pics and complimented me on my over-all cosplay, so that made me feel that even with the shitty things happening it wasn't all that bad.

Well... Until I read this...

:| Apparently I look like the guy on the right... So yeah, they said I looked like a man
I think I should be flattered if this were a crossplay attempt to be mistaken as a guy but then again, I was cosplaying a girl, soooo yeaaahhhh... :<

It would have been a bit kinder of them to keep their opinions to themselves as their page IS PUBLIC and alot of people see their comments. I know I shouldn't be upset or as affected as I am right now but I've been really hurt by what they've said. I think they've never heard of the saying "If you can't say anything nice, don't say nothing at all"

I'm a very sensitive creature when it comes to being criticized for my looks. I know I am not really a beautiful girl nor am I that impressive. I'm pretty plain and quite insecure of my figure (38-28-36) to be honest. I just find it a little offensive to be compared to a man just because I wasn't in my top form. Yes, I know I'm fat! I also know that my face is absolutely unattractive! Do I need to be criticized on a public facebook page for being that way? Apparently I do! 

So yes, I am quite depressed by this. I think I'll be going on a cosplay hiatus for a while. :<

Bloody Kisses and Sweet Returns,

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