Sunday, February 26, 2012

Etude House's Wannabe the Etude Girl Contest!

So here I am blogging again! It's literally been a while since I updated this place and boy do I miss it! Firstly I just happen to join the contest out of being bothered by my friends (the Wannabe styling kit thingy was actually a Christmas gift I received)

This is my validated entry for the contest :D 
Firstly I actually didn't plan on joining since I'm utterly pessimistic over "like" contests (I never win any and I find it to be more of a popularity contest than anything) but after much poking and prodding I decided to create a dolly-eyed look using the kit and other Etude House products to embody the "Play" look. To me the "Play" look was all about being bright-eyed and bushy tailed and looking absolutely fresh and ready for anything that may come. Although my outfit wasn't as colorful and fun as Dara's promo pics, the outfit I chose was something I considered "Playful" according to my personality, and most of my friends know that most of my wardrobe is composed of dark colors XD not counting my cosplay costumes that is.

Yes, that is a large drop of sweat on my face 

So the Products I used for this look are the following:

For my face I used Etude House's Magic BB Balm and the gold highlighter in the Wannabe Styling Kit and the Peach colored blush/lip color on the palette as well for my blush. Then for the lip color I decided to keep it light and sweet-looking so I used the VIP Girl Lip concealer to help the color last longer as well as stand out then the Pink colored blush/lip color. For my eyes I used Proof 10 Eyeshadow Primer, Pink Velvet Shadow on the outer corner of the eye, Khaki Grey along the upper eye and the Purple shadow on the inner corner of the eye, White shadow as highlight then I finished it off with the Black Gel Liner. And for added measure I used my I.Fairy Super Crystal Blue contact lenses.

I honestly had to resist the urge to use my other non-Etude House products to make the look as I reaaaaalllyyyyy wanted to contour and highlight my face with my regular professional palette that I use for most of my makeup jobs.

Funny enough, I was the only person who submitted an entry to the contest. But I still tried to get as many people to "like" my entry just so I could follow the guidelines that were set. Although my friends constantly told me "You've got this in the bag, you're the only entry!!!" I was still worried that I would eventually get some competition since Etude House decided to extend entry submissions PAST the deadline.


Screenshot of the winning entry announcement, Although they got my name spelled WRONG AGAIN >:/

So yeaaahhhh, I actually won!! 8D I thought that by the time of the category announcement they were bound to extend the deadline for entries AGAIN, I guess they finally decided not to do so and declare the winner so they can move along to the other categories.

I recently picked up my prizes last Friday (Feb. 24,2012) and I was sooo psyched to get them that I'll be posting reviews of all the products in my upcoming blog post. YES, I will be a bit more active than before. So before I go I wanna share a photo of the prizes I got...

From left to right: Moistfull Aloe Soothing Gel, Vita Foam Mini Genius You,  Orgel Light Eyebase,  Precious Mineral BB Compact and the I'm Jumbo Pen Liner

Bloody Kisses and Sweet Returns,

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