Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pirate Royalty: A photoshoot

Pirates have always been my favorite subject matter next to the Mafia and Steampunk. Witches/Witch-boys don't count since I live the life of one.  So I decided around November last year to bother Jaja into teaming up with me for a photoshoot inspired by one of the more obscure sub-styles of lolita. And boy do I LOOOOVE that decision :D

Everything was bloody-red <3 I had not seen the place before and was in utter awe (we all were actually) of how everything looked. It was a cornucopia of decadence and beauty that I was a giggling mass of fangirl all day long. The entire feel of the place was a literal time warp to another period in history.

To be honest this is my first photoshoot in lolita since I'm not really someone who wears it on a daily basis but rather on occasion since the fashion is not really suited for my lifestyle (I'm taking up B.A. Fine Arts and is usually surrounded by materials that will stain cloth) so this is really a dream come true.

Jaja stunned me in her dress since I had no idea how it looked. It's an utter pleasure to work with her as well as Liac, whose bouncy personality I adore as well. She's gorgeous in this dress, no?

Pirate King Derpy Derpenstien, Pirate Lord of The Derplands, Captain of the good ship Derptania
Hahaha, Sorry about that I felt like typing that up XDDD I swear I look so derp, I hadn't slept that day and had only eaten a cup of instant ramen and a glass of juice, bad luck was clinging on me like a 2nd skin and the day started off really bad >_<, I think the presence of Jaja, Liac and Chaw kinda warded the bad-luck off XD I look horribly derp in this photo.

And finally, a photoshoot would not be complete if there weren't photos on stairs  gratifying shots of gorgeous location plus models. :3
Concept and direction: Justine Chantelle Abad and Amadeobeloved
Photography: Liac
On photo: Justine Chantelle Abad and Amadeobeloved
Clothes designed and made by Justine Chantelle Abad
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