Thursday, January 5, 2012

I.fairy CutiePie Dolly+ Lens review

I'm honestly just trying to revive this place since I'm too lazy to update my posts here...

I decided to post another contact lens review, mainly of the Grey CutiePie Dolly+ lenses by I.fairy. I bought these lenses out of the random urge to join a photo-contest hosted by the shop I bought them from. 


I compiled the photos into just one collage as not to consume too much space on this blog. :B On to the review!!!

I first encountered Cutiepie Dolly+ lenses when the first pre-orders on Japanesecandy came up and I was absolutely in love with the photos of the model wearing the grey colored ones. Hence when they were in-stock I decided to purchase them on my birthday hence this review. (I also just had to take photos with the bottle, the packaging is absolutely adorable ♥)

Enlargement: 9/10 
I did an enlargement comparison of the Grey Cutiepie Dolly+ lens with my favorite PartyEyez Hanabi Red to see if it would compete against it. As you can see in my photos it doesn't really look that enlarged compared to the Hanabi Red which is one of the lenses that I own that gives off the best enlargement.

Design and Color: 10/10
If you're a fan of natural looking but stunningly colored lenses then this lens brand is for you. It looks so lovely on most people (I have friends who own the same brand but in different colors) and doesn't look too much like overly-garish or fancy lenses. To be completely honest I prefer these over most cosplay lenses in the market since they can be used for both normal and cosplay wear. It's also perfect for special occasions where you want to stand out in or everyday use, this lens will not only turn heads, it will DEFINITELY BREAK NECKS!!! :D

Comfort: 9/10
I've worn these lenses to the mall and an art gallery even more than once and to be completely honest I barely feel they're there at times. But they do tend to dry up a bit when worn hence I must pack some eye drops to make sure that I don't cause any irritation to my eyes. I have tried wearing them for a prolonged period of time (around 3-5 hours give or take) but I recommend that people who want to try these lenses to wear them at a maximum of 4 hours so as not to risk things, better safe than sorry right? :3 

Overall: 9/10

If not for the dryness and my personal preference for eye enlargement effects the Grey Cutiepie Dolly+ it would have been one of the perfect lenses for me. But in overall terms of performance and style I'd give it a 9/10. I recommend it for girl who want that special but not too loud lens that looks super cute and vivid. 

Extra review: 

Japanesecandy has once again exceeded my expectations when it came to their customer service, not only were they prompt with answering my questions, they were also very much honest about their product, citing to me that they couldn't give me a fair opinion on the item since they have yet to see it in action. I love their honesty over the product, something most sellers seem to neglect these days just to sell an item or two. Also I'm amazed that instead of waiting the usual 2-days for the item to get here (since we are from different regions of the country) my recent orders only took a day to get to my doorsteps. So, yeah.... Thanks Japanesecandy for the wonderful service and awesome products! More power to you!!! 

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