Saturday, April 23, 2011

Super Crystal Blue Review

Hi there folks! I decided to finally do my review on the Super Crystal Blue Lenses from 's very own Party Eyez/I.Fairy Super Crystal Blue. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making a review of it. 

I.Fairy Super Crystal Blue in natural light

It may not be obvious to some but I REAAAALLY L-O-V-E these lenses. Sadly they were stolen from my bag recently when I escorted my mother. Along with my Etude House Miss Tangerine "Follow Me" Tint, 250 Pesos and my Miss Tangerine Dara Sticker that was also inside my bag that day (I was planning on giving it to a fellow Dara lover :<)

With Flash
I recommend this lens for someone who has dark colored eyes because it's really vivid, I have really dark brown eyes but these lenses not only help to bring out the vividness of my red hair but also make my eye area (which is plagued really badly with dark circles) much more brighter than other lenses. 

Eye Enlargement comparison without lens on my left eye

I compared it first with my normal eye, to be honest I was walking around my house looking for camera's charger and my mother kept on asking if the enlargement was really normal for circle lenses. But at times it's not really as noticeable compared to my other Pair of I.Fairy lenses. I then compared it to Geo's SF-16 Cosplay Lens it does do a better job at enlargement but not as much as the I.Fairy Hanabi Red, which has become my personal favorite pair of lens from the Party Eyez line. It might be due to the large outer ring that the Hanabi Red has but it does enlarge my eyes to a favorable extent. 

I.Fairy Super Crystal Blue compared to Geo SF-16
With Flash

Amadeo's Random Thought of the moment: Creepy Marilyn Manson effect is creepy but <3 Then again I'd rather be compared to his Ex, The Love;y Dita Von Teese 


Ahem. Back to the Review, you ADD ridden woman... 
Now for my favorite part, a comparison with my I.Fairy Hanabi Red <3 which I'll also be doing a review  next time :3 

I.Fairy Super Crystal Blue compared to I.Fairy Hanabi Red

With Flash

I think that for a 16.20mm lens the Party Eyez/I.Fairy Super Crystal Blue is much more comfortable than any of the Geo Lenses I own. It's probably due to the higher water content, which was pointed out to me JapaneseCandy as compared to Geo's that seem to always irritate my eyes. 

But with the Party Eyez Lens I sometimes worry that I may have dropped them accidentally due to their "Barely-there" sensation.  Personally I think that the Hanabi Red brings a but more enlargement but the Super Crystal Blue is a much more natural looking lens compared to the Hanabi Red.

The Nitty-Gritty Breakdown:

Enlargement: 8.5/10 

Color/Design: 10/10

Comfort: 10/10 

Overall: Overall They're awesome lenses that I think I'll be buying more often from now on. I also love that these lenses are now available locally through the internet and are being sold by a very accommodating and friendly seller. 

Till Next time loves!

 Bites and Kisses,

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