Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Vampire Appears.

;A; Derptasm ;A;

So I finally decided to take some time off my busy sched to upload some photos of my derpy self. This is particularly interesting to me as it was a photo of my Vampire Armand inspired hairstyle last wednesday, which was my little brother's graduation. XD Luckily I look very much decent in this look, unlike my other makeup looks even on normal days. 

I'm wearing a pair of Party Eyez Lenses/I.Fairy lenses in Super Crystal Blue, I'll be posting a review of it along with my review of the Hanabi Red after I can get good shots of my eyes.

The makeup I used for this look was as follows:

Etude House's BB Cream Magic "Good-bye Trouble" in refreshing.
Nichido's Final Powder in "Pink Glow" put on with their kabuki brush
Etude House's Golden Ratio Face Glam in Gold as an eyeshadow primer and facial higlighter
Etude House's Golden Ratio Designing Conte and Contouring kit in gold for highlighting and contouring my cheeks as well as covering my double chin 
Nichido's True Colors Collection Powder Blush in "Peach Glow"

Etude House's Code B cream liner in "Secret Black"
Etude House's Designing Vitcara as my mascara
A pair of Saizen Gyaru-ish eyelashes to make the eyes pop
And Etude's LUCIDarling eyeshadow palette in "Golden Brown" 

Mary Kay's Lip Masque and Lip Balm before application as I had really dried up lips
Etude's VIP girl Miss Tangerine lipstick in "OR205" which I absolutely love for a semi-nude lip to peachy lip look
And Etude's "woo~! baby" lip plumper to keep it moisturized all night.  

Sadly I really wanted Etude's Sweet Shower lips in Tangerine but only the pink version IS THE ONLY ONE THAT'S AVAILABLE AT SM FAIRVIEW which I didn't like :/

Another angle of the hair
 I think that the look was still a bit mute for a formal event that was going to last all night. Add up that I was the Graduation Ball's Emcee and I looked soooo plain :<

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